Project Design

Project Design is a four step process, beginning with a thorough look at the existing conditions of your home and ending with the development of a detailed layout of your project.

Existing Conditions & Inspections – The first step on any project is to explore your current home. Before we look at what you want to do to your home, we need to understand your home. We need to know how it is put together, how its systems (electrical, plumbing, heating, etc) work and how it all functions. Only after we understand that and have a plan of what exists can we begin to design any changes or additions.

After seeing what’s there, we can begin the initial project design. At this point, we will need to know what level of investment you want to make in your home, the areas you would like to change or add on to and when you wish to begin. We will help you develop rough plans of what you want to accomplish, all the while keeping in mind the budget you have established.

Once we have helped you identify the look, feel and cost of your remodel, we will define the design and its details. This may include things like laying out the cabinetry, deciding what wood to use, developing the look of entry columns, or designing a specific tile pattern for your kitchen backsplash.