Our Vision

Our Mission Statement:

To create and sustain a vibrant, prosperous and trustworthy company that provides an exceptional remodeling experience for our clients.

Our Philosophy:

In 1907, Alfred Dunhill described what he felt were the most important characteristics of a project. His “Maxim” stated:

It must be useful.
It must work dependably.
It must be beautiful.
It must last.
It must be the best of its kind.

We have always felt that Mr. Dunhill’s maxim clearly stated our own philosophy about our projects. We define our own success by his standards: when we create useful, dependable, beautiful projects that last, we have succeeded. Many of our projects have won awards based upon these very standards, for which we are both honored and humbled.

Our Guarantee:

We are so confident in our ability to manage and construct each project, that we provide a two year warranty on all of our workmanship. This guarantee is one year longer than the industry standard